The Workshops offered by Street Photography Luxembourg Collective during the Luxembourg Street Photography Festival:

 DatesTiminglevelDescriptionLocationTeacherFree spotsPrice
sold out21/04/20189-13beginnerhow to startLuxbrgPaulo & Christophe0/10150€


The workshop covers the basics of street photography, the different techniques, a closer look at our gear and how to act in public. After a short theoretical part we will visit different popular places in the city and start shooting. Throughout the workshop there will be plenty of time to ask questions and discuss different situations. At the end will come together again and discuss some of your pictures. The workshop for this year’s festival will be held by Paulo Lobo and Christophe Van Biesen.

The workshop takes place on the day of the festival (21/04/2018)  and takes up to  5  hours.

A welcome coffee/croissant is included in the price.
You need to bring your own camera. (DSLR, Compact, Bridge…)
Since the workshop will be held outside please dress appropriately.
To discuss your pictures at the end please bring your laptop.

Every attendee will be given a festival-bracelet, which gives access to all the conferences.

Workshop – FAQ’s:

How can i register?
click on the “order” link in the table above.

How many people can attend the workshops?

Generally we accept up to 10 people per workshop.

Do I have to bring a computer?
Yes, this would be great, because at the end we will review a couple of pictures taken during the workshop

Do I need a professional camera?
No! Any camera is ok, even a smartphone is ok.

Are workshops postponed for bad weather?
No! So dress appropriately!

I am under 18, can I book a place?
No, this is for adults only, we will organize special workshops for young adults!

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, but he or she has to register and pay a spot too!

Are lunches included?
Generally we will offer a coffee/croissant at the beginning. If lunch is included it will be mentioned in the description of the workshop.