Slideshows 2020

The traditional Slide Night goes online this year!
Here are the curated Slideshows of the 2020 Online Slide Night.
The Slideshows will be added over the course of the festival.


“It is a great pleasure for the Photothèque to present its contribution “Scènes de rue” in one of the slideshows of the “Luxembourg Street Photography Online Festival” 2020. All the displayed photographs have been shot in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and are part of an archive that is composed of over 6 million primary source documents such as negatives, photographic glass plates, and diapositives.
These collections of the Photothèque feature very popular photographers such as Pol Aschman, Pierre Bertogne, Batty Fischer, Vic Fischbach, Théo Mey, Tony Krier, Edouard Kutter, Marcel Schroeder, Marcel Tockert, Lé Sibenaler, Jean Weyrich and many more”.

Dirk Mevis

“A big fan of Eggleston’s work, I have always been amazed by the wonderful colours and tones around us. I always try to capture them in my photography with mediocre success. This slideshow collects a few images in honour of the radiant beauty of colours.”

Paulo Lobo

The Collateral Eyes Collective

"The Collateral Eyes Collective currently consists of seven active photographers from Frankfurt and surrounding areas. From Sport, over Wedding to beauty photography – all genres are represented. One thing they have in common – it’s all about the love for street photography.
It all started with a street photography workshop in Frankfurt/Germany in fall 2015. Frank wanted to keep up the forward momentum from the workshop and decided to organize regular photo walks. After only a hand full of people showed up at the very first photo walks, the number of participants grew really fast. Since the very beginning, all kinds of guests joined photo walks in the big city at the Main river to shoot street photography and gossip with other like minded photographers.

Jose Lopes Amaral

I spend the last 6 months of t 2019 documenting the Hong Kong Protests. This is a selection of photographs I took during this time. I mostly got market by the lives that got lost during this period of time, by the brutality of Hong kong Police towards young students, by the lies of a government to its people and how fast democracy eroded. My heart is with the families that lost their beloved ones "In the name of Democracy".
May they rest in peace

Nathanael Fournier

This slideshow is made with 72 photographs on the streets of Paris from 2008 to 2020.
I'm not a resident of the French capital but I made several stays there,
sometimes for more than a week. I think it's my favourite place to wander with my film camera.

Reza Kianpour

“My approach is focused on capturing lights, shadows, graphic compositions, interesting situations and people; mostly in Luxembourg. Sometimes quite straightforward or with a little twist, I enjoy when you can sense a little story behind the image. Taking pictures allows me to be more alert about my surroundings”.

Michel Thein

“Through a mix of happenstance and laziness I had the great privilege to call Chongqing, China my home for a while. I hadn’t touched my camera in quite a while before the never-ending onslaught of visual stimulus had me rediscovering photography again. This resulting slide show is just a snapshot of an afternoon spent wandering the streets of this megalopolis, capturing its people. To them and their city I’d like to dedicate this little series. Hope to see them again soon”

Catalin Burlacu

Viktor Wittal

” People passing by, white noise of faces...
Lens “freezes” the moment and for a moment you see an unusual face of an ordinary stranger.
But suddenly realising that, damn it, she is the one for someone.
She is so beautiful!“

Yves Blank

”This is my very first slideshow. In it you’ll find my fascination for the broken stuff and the rough textures that exist in our urban environments. I find beauty in that. The pictures have been taken mainly in Europe, from West to East. If you like what I do, please visit : “

Vito Labalestra

Octavian Pavel

“The pictures that appear in the slideshow are a collection of black and white captures, taken in Romania, Belarus, and also in Luxembourg City.
With a fusion betwen human shapes and geometrical elements, the slideshow talks about the human condition, about aspiration, beliefs, resignation, curiosity and determination.”

Aida Ganjipour

“I'm Aida Ganjipour aged 36 years from Iran. I have lived in France for 3 years . I have been photographing by my mobile phone for about 6-7 years. Since I have a degree in Architecture and love to travel and photography, I tried to combine all these three and it has resulted in Street Photography. My goal is to show the buildings,people and the culture of every city and country in my pictures. ”

Liz Lambert

“My slideshow shows pictures that I took mostly in Luxembourg, Germany, Israel and Palestine. I capture situations, people and emotions that are commonplace and yet all unique. Photography allows me to show and highlight moments that are often overlooked in our fast moving world. My pictures represent the world as I perceive it - nothing more and nothing less. ”

Tessy Troes

“I am Tessy Troes, a twenty-something photographer based in Luxembourg and Barcelona. I love getting lost in cities and capturing interactions between humans, urban design and light. This slideshow is a piece of my personal journey of 2019 through the colourful streets of Barcelona, Lyon, New York, San Francisco and Montréal.”

Luc Holper

“The slideshow contains a selection of candid snapshots taken all by myself between 2014 and February 2020 when I was on the road either for business or private reasons. The slides are structured around 4 themes: people on the move, resting, on the phone and having a cigarette break.”