Slide Night

Buvette des Rotondes | May 15 | 20:00

The traditional Slide Night will feature the curated work of fellow Street Photographers at the Buvette des Rotondes on Saturday 15th of May.
Anyone keen on showing his/her Street Photography to our public can participate by sending in their 3 minute Slideshow. Our jury will take good care at reviewing all submissions, and will retain the best ones which will be screened during de Slide Night.

DUE TO possible COVID19 restrictions we reserve the right to switch to an online version of the Slide Night. In this event the selected Slide Shows will be featured on our online platforms!

Submission deadline: April 19th 2020 @ 23:55
Submit a dropbox link to the Slideshow you would like to show at the event. As we had a lot of submissions in the past, make sure to upload within the deadline.
You will receive an email confirming (or not) your participation one week after the deadline.

Slideshows need to comply with the requirements below!

    Slideshow requirements

    File Format and size:
    MP4 in High Quality
    Around, but not exceeding three minutes; the lenght of your music track.
    Transfer Method:
    Send us your Dropbox/We Transfer/Google Drive Link via the form above.

    Selection process

    Submission deadline is April 30th 2021 @ 23:55 / reply from the jury is to be expected one week later!
    Available spots:
    There are limited spots available for the Slide Night.

    The spots will be assigned upon review from our jury.

    Make sure your Slideshow falls under the general theme of Street Photography

    Anyone is eligible to participate in the Slide Night.


    All submitted Slideshows must fall under the category of Street Photography!

    Images may have been taken anywhere in the world!

    Only original work by the submitting photographer may be part of the Slide Show!

    The selected photographers need to be present at the event!


    The submitted Slideshows remain the intellectual property of the artists.