Open Wall Contest

Want to be part of our Exhibit and have a shot at our OPEN WALL CONTEST? Bring along your printouts and add them to our dedicated Open Wall! You might get lucky and even win the first prize!

Our exhibition only grew more diverse with your amazing additions to the Open Wall, so, of course, it has become an essential part of our exhibition.

We do need your participation to make it as exciting as last time!

Not only will your prints become an interactive part of our exhibition, with a very large audience enjoying your work over the period of the festival, but all submitted prints will be part of our Festival Contest.

So bring your paper prints and be part of our exhibition for the duration of the Festival.
Prints can be added to the open wall anytime during opening hours of the exhibition/festival.

The winners of the OPEN WALL CONTEST will be announced on Sunday 16th of May in the Gallery of the Rotondes at 16:00, and our sponsor “Librairie Ernster” will provide the prizes!

Picture requirements

Format, size and number of pictures:
Only paper print-outs without frames in a maximum DIN A 4 size.
Bring no more than 15 pictures and please be respectful and leave some space for other participants! If there is not enough space, just put up your best pictures!
Full name and contact details of the photographer need to be added to the back of each picture.
All submitted pictures must fall under the category of Street Photography. Images may have been taken anywhere in the world.

Submission details

Picture submission
Pictures can be added to the Open Wall anytime during opening hours of the exhibition. Photographers are requested to add their pictures at their own discretion using the provided glue pads and only to the dedicated wall. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OTHER KIND OF GLUE!

Return Policy of submitted pictures
Photographs can be picked up by the photographers on Sunday, 16th of May after the announcment of the contest winners.

Any pictures not retrieved on Sunday 16th will be removed by the SPLUX Collective and will remain available for one additional week for pick up upon request. Past this date the prints will be disposed of.
Use the contact form on this website to request your pictures back.

Open Wall Contest Rules

Anyone is eligible to participate in the Open Wall. Only pictures falling under the category of Street Photography are eligible.
Offensive or unrelated pictures may and will be removed from the Open Wall at our own discretion!
Only pictures with complete contact details are eligible for the Open Wall Contest
Open Wall Contest Deadline: May 15th 20:00 Pictures added to the wall after this deadline are not eligible for the contest.

Only original work by the submitting photographer may be part of the Open Wall.

Online Open Wall Winners 2020

Open Wall Winners 2019