Luxembourg Street Photography Festival 2021 Guest speakers: Conferences
Open Wall
Slide Night
Portfolio Reviews
Thu 13 - Sun 16.05.2021 Jane Evelyn Atwood
Giacomo Sini
Benita Suchodrev
Want to be part of our Exhibit and have a shot at our OPEN WALL CONTEST? More info on the Open Wall page... Click Here You are an adept street photographer and would like some honest and constructive review of your work? Portfolio Review Click Here Jane Evelyn Atwood Giacomo Sini Benita Suchodrev 2021 guest speakers: All the conferences from our past
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We are working hard to make the 2021 edition of the Luxembourg Street Photography Festival happen

Slide Night, portfolio reviews, conferences, workshops, Open Wall and a large exhibition will make this another memorable event!

2021 Speakers

2021 Exhibition

Ten guest photographers will exhibit their street photography alongside of 13 of our own members.

City Series

With “City Series” the Street Photography Luxembourg collective is launching a series of bookazine publications dedicated to specific themes, like a neighbourhood or an event, starting with the “GARE”.
Each of these bookazines will feature a selection of street photos from our members, depicting the essence of life in Luxembourg.
If you want to support our festival and our publications feel free to visit our shop.